Birthday and Canada day!

YUP! Today is our very own Kristofer’s birthday! (and Canada day too but pft birthdays take precedent) So if you know him, even if you don’t be sure to give Kris a gigantic HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out!

Also happening this week is our Fifth on the Fifth. Our monthly announcement of what we’re doing for our Fifth Anniversary. So you’ll DEFINITELY want to keep your eyes out come friday. June’s create a strip contest is now closed, and we will begin creating them SOON!

ALSO also! It’s the Fourth of July this week, so we want to wish everyone celebrating a happy and safe one. And remember, it’s not just dogs that have trouble with the fireworks, some of your very neighbors may have some PTSD that those things trigger. So please, please be respectful.

This Week:

Wednesday, Mint Tea: NEW

Saturday, The Sovereigncy: NEW