Even though I talked about writing last time, it’s still not my favourite thing. I love the world building. Creating cities, empires, races whatever! That’s what gets me excited. That’s also what makes my writing easier.

Cross made an interesting observation the other week when I was lamenting about the spelling of things and had started to sort out the reasoning in my head. I had started working my way backwards, through what most people would consider inane details, to figure out why the Corora was spelt the way it was. Basically, her observation was how I had it all laid out in my head.

Like I said last time, there’s more to the Sov than you see, but I am hindered from sharing so much more by the physical limitation of typing!

I’m a world builder. I build lives, countries, cities, races, religions, pantheons, military fireteams to legions, spaceships, whatever, whenever. The Sov is a living universe inside my head. This is an amazing and terrible thing at the same time.

It is amazing because depending on my mood I could visit anyone anywhere.

Feeling tired and alone and suddenly I’m building a story for a pirate Kelevra. Chasing down those responsible for the murder of his mother and building a crew of misfits so they had a place to call home and a family. All happy and excited and we’re in another universe where the Kelevra and Seraph have switched genders and I get to experience what a Corora Malikai Raith would be like. Pew pew.

On the terrible side, I spend a lot of time there but a better example, I was thinking far ahead when the Sov reaches space. A massive Sa’rinian warship travelling and an innocuous conversation between two thousand year old Nef’kalim lead me to coming up with a cute little throw back for Maris when she first became the Nef’kalim Arx, the Veras. It was so cute, so adorable, but then my brain being my brain decided more feelings were needed. So I now have in my head a whole backstory friendship between Maris and King Malikai Raith of Scythera, the Sa’rinian Draconis, well before she meets and falls for Nate.

The writing is made easier for me because the world is alive, the Sov multi-universe has a healthy pulse. It is likely why I suck at descriptions. I’ve been over the scene the characters, everything so many times in the days leading up to writing it all down that I just want to get it down. Never do succeed in getting it down with that same level of initial level perfection when the idea first forms in my head.

Everything you read in this Works in Progress is just how I operate. I am still trying to figure out myself. You will most likely not have the same writing style as me but that’s ok because my mantra will still be no matter how you do it, write!

The Sov has grown in such a way that any type of story can be told. I already have ideas for some spinoffs. Hopefully one day you’ll be able to see those. Maybe I’ll get suggestions as our fan base grows for other ideas, I am very susceptible to writing suggestions. Perhaps you’ll write a story for the Sov, on your own or with me. Who knows! No one will know unless you write! Go create!