Fifth Anniversary special time!

So this month we need your help. Here’s how it works. Are you a fan of The Sovereigncy and/or The C-files? Have you ever wanted to see more of a specific character? Or thought of a particular scene you’d like to see? Or perhaps just want to know more back story or incidentals that couldn’t fit into a regular strip?

Well here’s your chance!

Suggest us an idea and we’ll make it happen! That’s right, for the idea that strikes a chord with us most we’ll turn it into a bonus strip!

For The Sov, let us know what you want to see. More Seb and Bella? More relationship development? Want to know what Nate does when he’s not in the strip? Curious as to how the sibling dynamic between Nate, Aly and Lily unfolds? Or is there just a random character you want to know more about? Let us know!

For The C-Files, Tweener time! We want YOU to pick an idea for our next C-Files Tweener! Little vignettes into Bulder and Sully and anyone else in their universe. Want more Luke? What about Dude Bro? Have an idea for what Bulder and Sully can be doing? What are they like out shopping? You name it, we’ll do it!

Drop us a Comment on either Facebook or Twitter and we’ll all put our collective heads together and make you a strip!