My name is Kris. Kristofer. My twitter bio, always a work in progress, seems to sum me up best:

Uncle, Creator, Writer, Geek, Nerd, Gamer.
It’s not that I’m malicious. I’m just easily amused.

I’ve been a writer for short enough to not know what I’m doing, and long enough to know better. The important part is that I’ve been a dreamer since dad showed us Star Wars A New Hope when I was around eight or nine. After that I consumed Star Wars books like you’re supposed to drink water. I slowly got into comics through Star Wars and the 90’s X-Men cartoon, I’m not sure if there were other book series in between, but the next one that changed my life was Harry Potter. It was around that time, when I discovered Harry Potter fanfiction that my first, own, character started to take shape.

Rayne Evans was my first true character creation. Rayne, because I had been reading the webcomic ‘Least I Could Do’ a lot at the time and loved the name. Evans, from Lily Evans, Harry Potter’s mom, as I’m a sucker for a true love story. My Rayne was a full blown Mary Sue when he started, still is, though he’s got a much better backstory and history to him now. He is my other half. I wouldn’t be who I am today without him, his creation, growth, evolution are as important to him as it is to me. So whenever I get the chance, it’s his name I use. My name is Kris, but online, far more people know me by ‘Rayne.’ You can find me on all sorts of gaming platforms or websites under the name RayneEvans or some variation.

Since Rayne’s birth, my list of characters is like a never ending snowball, it started with just a name at the top and is now an unstoppable force as it continues to roll down the mountain. As more characters got added and I played various RPs with friends I found online, the world of the Sovereigncy was born.

There’s so much more to the Sov that I hope you get to see, however it may be. A fantasy sci-fi world that is so full of life that the possibilities are endless. There is so much potential here! I hope I can do it justice in translating it out of my head for you. I’m hoping the blogs will help me articulate the joys and the struggles of the entire process and make for a better understanding of this world that I love.