Begins Saturday!

It took five years to get here but here we are! You’ve got just a day and a half to read up on The Sovereingcy, or refresh your memory on what happened in the last Volume before the next one arrives.

But we’ll help you along. QUICK RECAP! (i.e. spoilers if you haven’t read Vol 2)

Last Volume we saw the introduction of the Fen’ra, a wolf-like race that the Devarians had stowed away to use as a power source. Though upon release from Kassie and Jake, the Fen’ra soon showed their violent colors. Angry at being imprisoned, wanting usher in a reign of survival of the fittest, their Arx orchestrated an attack on The Federation.

Having procured a Nova Bomb, the Arx set it to explode in the heart of the Federations Capitol. Magically infused and locked our heroes could neither catch the Fen’ra Arx, nor stop the Nova Bomb from exploding. Not only did the bomb destroy the Capitol, it also claim the life of the Royalty’s Seraph, Maddie.

Well, now, two years have passed since that fateful day. Saturday we begin to see what all has gone on since.

Be prepared. The Soveriegncy Vol 3 begins Saturday