Happy fifth of the month!

Right on schedule we’ve got a BIG Fifth Anniversary special for you this month!

We all know how hard it is to get through the work week, how far away the weekend can feel and the need mid-week to find a little something to get us over the hump. For almost a year now we’ve been supplying you with some laughs on Wednesday’s courtesy of Girls in the Back. And if you’ve been paying attention that strip has always been accompanied by the hashtag #MintTea

Well, today you get to find out what that’s all about!

Mint Tea is our umbrella title for all of our funnies. Strips in the same vein as Girls in the Back, the short, the sweet, the funny things that work to bring a smile to your work week. All strips designed for the more traditional Newspaper funnies. They’ll all fall under #MintTea. So while the slog of the week may bring you down, and you may be running out of steam, come Wednesday, sit back, take a sip of some Mint Tea and enjoy a laugh on us.

To help us formally launch Mint Tea, we’ve got another surprise for you….A WHOLE NEW COMIC!! Oh yeah we did. Bright an early tomorrow morning we’re introducing you to Artist vs Writer! A new comic to brighten your day and get you past that mid-week hump!