It only happens a couple times in a blue moon, but there was no new Sovereigncy last saturday! Shock, we know. But it’s our between Volume down time…which also means you all get a pin-up this week! The Sovereigncy 2.02 is coming on February 9th, and we’re whetting you whistle with a special pic this Saturday.

For those unfamiliar, inbetween was Volume of The Sovereigncy we have a short story that provides you with a little peek at characters we’re generally unable to focus on in the main run. Wrapping up some loose ends and just expanding the universe a bit. We’re already 3 strips in on it so once it starts away we go.

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This Week:

Wednesday, The Girls In the Back : NEW

Friday, The C-Files: Not New

Saturday, The Sovereigncy: NEW Pin-up