Big week here at the Mill!

Both the Sovereigncy and The C-Files end their respective Volumes and Seasons this week! The Sov hitting number 100 and the conclusion of this Volume, but will return in a couple weeks with The Sov 2.02! A short mini-volume preluding Volume 3. The C-Files finds it’s third seasons end as well come Friday. And plotting for its fourth is already underway!

ALSO! In case you missed it, this year is our Fifth Anniversary and as we mentioned last week, on the Fifth of every month we’ll have something special for you all. Well the fifth was Saturday and we released Felties! Straight out of Season Two of the C-Files! Agent Bulder is first with many more to come! They’re handcrafted to order and come with their own magically marked plactic egg.

This Week:

Wednesday, The Girls in the Back: NEW

Friday, The C-Files: NEW

Saturday, The Soveriegncy: NEW