2019 marks a milestone for both Near Mint AND The Sovereigncy.

Five years of existence!!

It was five whole years ago that Cross and Kris came together to make the Sovereigncy a webcomic. Five years ago that the first incarnation of the Mill hit Deviantart. Five years ago that this company began. Now Five years later we have our own website, several comics and love and appreciate every single fan and supporter like the first. So we’ve decided to dedicate the whole year to celebrating and are inviting you all to join in!

One the Fifth of every month we’ll have something special. Be it merchandise, NEW comics, new releases, announcements, fun treats, giveaways, what have you, there WILL be something! We’ve got it all laid out, and are super excited to introduce you all to new creations, new outlets, and a few surprises along the way.

If you aren’t excited by now you should be!

We’re celebrating and we want you all to come along with us! This coming year is about sharing our appreciation, our journey, our love of comics, and celebrating you all. The fans. The supporters. The family of The Mill.