First off, we want to wish all our American followers a happy upcoming Fourth of July this week. And while you’re out there celebrating our freedom, remember to do it safely and legally. Also we hope all our Canadian followers had a wonderful Canada day yesterday!

Last week we released our third comic The Girls in the Back now this one is a bit different release wise than our other comics. Given its nature The Girls allow us to be a bit more random. You’ll get 5 strips in a row, and then it’ll be whenever we get ’em done. Could continue for weeks, could take a short break, could randomly surprise you with The Girls just for kicks and giggles! So keep your eyes peeled!

Also we’ll have more news regarding The Girls and some extras in the coming weeks. Just currently finalizing some things.

For those not so comically inclined The Sovereigncy is going strong and heating up! The Fen’ra have attacked the Federation Capitol of Arthus and the Royals minus Nate, plus Carus are on the scene. The C-Files Third season is currently under construction as well. Look for that in the late summer!