A very happy and slightly belated Father’s day to all you dad’s out there! You are very much appreciated! And we all hope you had a great day yesterday with your kids and family. Often underappreciated, you guys are something special.


On the business news side of things, we want to thank everyone who played along with our Annual C-Files Easter Egg hunt that wrapped up last week! We always enjoy pointing out those little things and hope you enjoy it too. We’re about three strips away from being halfway done with Season Three and already we have lots more Eggs hidden and ready for next year’s hunt. Speaking of, we have some ‘Tweeners as well which will be up probably mid-way through July for ya. If you’re wondering when the new season will actually start, well we haven’t pinned down an exact date yet but it’ll most likely be near the end of summer. We shall keep you posted!

Speaking of starts, The Girls in the Back are just one short week away!! We gave you a little look at the characters last week, this week you can feel the love