Week before last we announced the title and logo for our Third webcomic, The Girls in the Back. This week we’re letting you know when to expect them! As well as some bits about our other two comics as well. Kinda a news catch all day here.

Ok, first and foremost, The Girls in the Back will premiere June 27th! Yup just a few short weeks away and you’ll have several week’s of back to back slice of life sound boothy goodness to enjoy! We’re currently working on polishing them up and laying them out, as well as future strips. But we’ll also give you peeks at the look of the strip leading up to it’s release. So come back next week for the first image of The Girls.

Now onto The C-Files. Our annual Easter egg hunt is drawing near to a close, just one more week left! But never fear, there are some ‘Tweener strips on the way to tide you over until the release of Season 3 late this summer! Which is well on it’s way in production.

The Sovereigncy’s second Volume is plugging away and things are really starting to ramp up. Red’s plans are underway and the Royalty and Federation are hot on his trail. Now is the perfect time to read up on Volume 2!

The Mill has stuff going on! Tell your friends and bring them on board!