Will be…. a slice of life comic!

A popular, often simple and always entertaining genre. One that Cross is very fond of. Where you see a little humorous slice of the artist or writers life. There are plenty wonderful ones out and about and almost all deal with either a significant other OR center around what it’s like to be an artist. And they are marvelous.

While appreciating one such strip in particular, Cross got to thinking ‘I want to do one.’ However with no relationship, and the artist point of view pretty well covered and saturating the scene already, she was met with the rather obvious question, ‘what part of my life would be interesting enough to make a comic out of?’

Well, lightbulb moment!

Behind the scenes of a Church sound booth!

Yup that’s right, with humor only Cross can deliver, you’ll all get a look a what it may or may not be like to run a sound booth! From the little joys, the pitfalls, to a the not-so mysterious mysterious secrets and lessons on the secret code of the booth. We’ll give you a little slice of entertainment to brighten your day!

Two sisters.

One sound booth.