Just a quick reminder for you all about what’s happening here at the Mill this week.

The C-Files Easter Egg hunt is still going strong, the newest reveal will be made tomorrow on our Facebook page, and a new hunting ground will go up on Friday! For those new to it, the creative team for the C-Files hides little tidbits in the strip throughout the season. Either little call outs to the X-Files or personal anecdotes or even other fandoms. When the Hunt comes round all is revealed! After of course, you get the chance to find them.

Also this week The Sovereigncy, as always, is NEW on Saturday. We’re over half-way through the second Volume. The Fen’ra threaten to overrun the planet and turn it into a survival of the fittest state. While the Royals, the Church and the Federation scramble to find answers, and solutions as to how to stop the furry threat.

So stick around! We’ve got things for you to do AND read!