Well things get back on track this week. We had our Annual Spring break and gave you our awesome Sovereigncy Pin-up this past Saturday. Where you actually got to see some characters in FULL color….full kiddie color but still!

The Sovereigncy is back on track this Saturday, picking right up where we left off the week before last. With Kassie and Jake. They won’t be sidelined for the Fen’ra threat they released.

Also this week, our C-Files Easter Egg Hunt continues! A new hunting ground went up on Facebook this past Friday and the eggs will be revealed there tomorrow. As well as a new ground to hunt Friday. As far as what’s going on behind the scenes here at the Mill? Well….lots. Of. Stuff. We’re currently hammering out the details of Season 3 of The C-Files, that will be coming in the Summer, and begin production soon. Also production has begun on not one, but TWO new strips altogether!

Excited? We are.