New week, new stuff! Well new News anyways.

As many of you know, our Founder, Cross spent a lot of time and did some work for Aspen Comics. and they have a super special anniversary this year. 15 years! An impressive and long road, and first we’d like to congratulate them on the journey and the destination! They’ll be celebrating the entire year, kicking off this Wednesday with a party and signing at the COMIC BUG in Manhattan Beach! And our very own Cross will be there! If you’re in the neighborhood, or CAN be in the neighborhood, stop on by! Have a taco, get things signed, just stop and chat with everyone.

The specifics:



Cross will be there from around 5-6:30/7pm!

ALSO! Big news for us, well news we’re super happy about because it took crazy long to do. Finally, at long last, the Near Mint logo is officially REGISTERED!  We get to use the little ® thingy!  (seriously, this is exciting folks) All kinds of celebrations going around this week!