Last week we caught you up on The Sovereigncy’s volume so far, this week we’re getting you up to date with The C-Files just in time for their second seasons FINALE! Yup that’s right, another season come and gone already. But never fret we’re already hammering out details for their Third season!


This season Agents Bulder and Sully have met a new case. Dead bodies have popped up around town, with no apparent cause of death. The only evidence left behind has been tiny threads up their noses. At a loss, Somewhere’s Sheriff called in help from the FIB when the latest body turns up right on Main Street. Also left nearly clueless the Agents are left to ponder and wait. Bulders distrust of Sheriff Heart only fuels the tension the pair has been experiencing and deepens when he and the good Sheriff are paired off when another call comes in. Yet another thread nosed victim. As they part ways however, Sully meets a man outside the diner, and is gifted one of her favorite toys to collect. Happy and excited she skips on over to Dude Bro to get the results of testing on the threads left behind at every scene.

Results she’s unhappy with as the ever mostly unhelpful Dude informs her that they’re felt coated in what he calls magic. Disgusted and disbelieving Sully heads home where she cracks open her new addition to her collection. Unfortunately, unknown to her, the Feltie comes to evil life and begins to generate an army out of her collection, sneaking up to attack Sully. Meanwhile Bulder and the Sheriff are caught in their own battle with the Feltie in their new victims house. Upon it’s (and the homes) destruction the pair realize Sully collects these little murderers and rush over. Only to find Sully safe, her Feltie’s contained and her with the name and address of a suspect.

A man who has a horde of angry Felties ready and waiting for the Agents. Shots were fired last week and this week we’ll see the conclusion of the case of Feltfinger!