First week of the new year down!

And since it’s a fresh year we thought we’d re-fresh you on our ongoing comics to date.

First up, the epic Sovereigncy Volume 2:

Jake and Kassie were deploy to investigate the disappearance of a town’s populace, only to find it overrun by a wolf-like species they came to know as the Fen’ra. Following them back to a mountain the pair discover the Fen’ra Arx imprisoned into machinery to power the entire complex. Upon entering the room sprang to life and took Jake in replacement for the weakened Fen’ra Arx. Now trapped it was up to Kassie to get them out. Unable to do so the Fen’ra Arx became enraged, beating Kassie until the strength of her power triggered. Releasing him but staying trapped herself. Now free the Fen’ra attacked three ships of the Church of the Alignment and soon focused an attack on the city of Nova.

With Jake and Kassie rescued but too weak to be deployed, it falls to Maddie to stop the Fen’ra. Recruiting Carus, against the will of others, Maddie headed to Nova where a battle for the Gate ensues. With a horde of wild Fen’ra outnumbering the soldiers of Nova, Maddie adds her power to Carus and fury is unleashed. Which is where we found them this past Saturday.

While this covers the main points to Volume 2 so far, there’s so much more to read and learn. Important critical tidbits, and amazing art to enjoy. So if you haven’t read The Sovereigncy Volume 2 yet, nows your chance!

Start Volume 2 here   OR if you’re all caught up  but missed Saturday’s post, We’ve got that right here for you.


Next Monday we’ll recap The C-Files Second Season for you as that’s rapidly wrapping up!