Well we made it to another year! Congratulations!


This one has us both optimistic and excited here at the Mill. While we haven’t had our meeting to officially plot things out yet, there are several projects we know will be underway or are already that should come to fruition this year. And it. Is. Awesome! Sure more New Sovereigncy is in store, as well as the conclusion to Season Two of The C-Files as well as the start of Season Three (yes it’s coming back) but already the art is being worked on for a THIRD comic to hopefully debut this year. As well as developmental talks for a Fourth, which Cross is set to start design on soon!

2018 will also see the addition of a couple new Pin-ups available for purchase as well. PLUS a very special item we hope to be available at least by the end of the year, but it’s new territory so keep your fingers crossed!

It’ll be an exciting year with new territory and new stories! So be prepared, share the Mill with your friends and let’s make this an awesome year of growth!



In Case You Missed It:


The Sovereigncy vol 2 scene 48 The Fen’ra’s assault on Nova rages on with Maddie and Carus already in the fray, this past Saturday Maris joined the action and approved a potentially destructive plan from Maddie.

The C-Files season 2 ep. 20 Bulder and the Sheriff raced over to Sully’s house to attempt her apparently un-needed rescue from the Felties.