This is it.

The week before.

You’re last chance to buy all the gifts, bake all the cookies, stuff all the stockings, and wrap your fingers off. It can be stressful, loaded malls, traffic, travel. Just be sure to take some time and breathe in the season. Sniff a Christmas tree, sip some nog, lick a candy cane, preferably your own.

And prepare for Saturday! It’s that rare time of year when The Sovereigncy skips a week of storytelling to gift you with a Pin-up! ALSO we did something special for Boxing day last year and we’re doing it again!

In Case You Missed It:

The Sovereigncy vol 2 scene 47 Maddie arrived to the Battle and brought gifts for all the Nef’s

The C-Files season 2 ep 18 Sully faces a battle of her own and looked to be overpowered.