It’s recap week!

First up, our first ever strip, The Sovereigncy!

Getting deeper into Volume Two, where so far in cleaning up and untangling the messes and plots the Devarians left behind from the previous Volume, it was discovered that a town was missing all its people. Jake and Kassie were sent to investigate, where they soon found that the town was indeed vacant, save for an odd wolf-like species. who led them out into the wilderness, tricked them behind a forcefield and brought the pair to their leader. A larger Fen’ra held captive deep within a mountain. soon Jake was trapped in its place and it was left to Kassie to get everyone out. Over the course of which she was met with the violent end of the Fen’ra Arx. He and his horde escaped and attacking three Church ships overpowered and commandeered them. Now the Fen’ra have set their sights on Nova. Where this week Maddie along with Carus (yes she teamed up with the killer from VOL 1) met with the Nova Honors to discuss the threat and offer help.

The newest strip

In The C-Files:

The agents are investigating strange deaths this season. In which people are found dead in random places and the only piece of evidence left behind is as Dude Bro put it ‘bit of magic string’ up their noses. Currently Bulder and the Sheriff are looking over the newest crime scene. while Sully is at home with her new ‘Feltie’ that seems to have woken up.

wakey wakey