Well we made it to November. And we hope you all enjoyed and had a great Halloween. Preferably not still in a candy coma as well.

This week the news is short, just a little catch up on everything. Last week in case you missed it we posted up our C-Files Halloween pin-up as well as celebrated our websites Second Anniversary. Hard to believe how time flies sometimes. Two years with our own site and we’re just getting started! Speaking of we’d love to share some things we’re working on but……can’t just yet. Getting close though! Needless to say more comics are coming, in the meantime The Sovereigncy and The C-Files are going strong!

Speaking of.


In Case You Missed It:

 The Sovereigncy Vol 2 scene 41 Nova is doing its best in the woods trying to fend off the Fen’ra, Missa attempting to track down the leader

The C -Files season 2 ep 12 Sully cracked open her gift from a ‘friend’