Today’s just a little reminder you all you lovely people about what’s going on around here at The Mill.

Our comics, in case you’ve been away we’ve got two currently running, our ever present Sovereigncy is into its second volume. When an entire town of people went missing Jake and Kassie went to investigate when they found an imprisoned Arx of a new group called the Fen’ra. Upon freeing him Jake became imprisoned in his place and Kassie found the dark side of the Fen’ra. Escaping the Fen’ra Arx violently took over a couple Church ships and we have yet to see what he has planned for revenge. And though now free Jake’s power is depleted and his wife Maddie is seeking help from an old enemy.

The C-Files, our second webcomic has begun its second season in which Agents Bulder and Sully are investigating a string of murders where the only evidence left behind are…..well….strings. We’ve also introduced a new character, the Sheriff, whom apparently Bulder does not like while Sully…likes a bit more than he cares for.

Now you may ask what else do we have up our sleeves. Good question! STUFF!! We have our first line of Art Prints for sale and available now. We are also working on a new comic of which the first script is finished and Cross is testing out the art for it now. So hopefully we will be able to announce it soon.

Excited? We are.

In Case You Missed It:

The Sovereigncy 2 scene 38 Maddie arrived to ask Carus…yes Carus for help.

The C-Files season 2 ep 9 Bulder found out the downfall of not really listening to a conversation