Sadly summer is slowly drawing to a close, which means the third and final Contest is about to start! Yup this Friday we’ll start up our last contest for the Summer on our Facebook page. It’ll be easy to enter of course, and run to Sept 15. Now you may be wondering, what’s the prize this time? Well you’ll just have to wait to Friday.  But we promise it will be awesome.

So aside from contests what’s going on at The Mill? Well Volume 2 of The Sovereigncy is moving along nicely, just one strip over 30, we’ve met a new race, Jake has been trapped and consequently freed, a fleet of Church ships had been taken over or destroyed by the Fen’ra, and you’ve been introduced to Delta squad and an Island of the Church. And that’s just the first 31 strips, imagine what we have in store for the rest of the Volume.

The C-Files has begun its Second Season, with some tension/pet peeves between Bulder and Sully, they’re out to investigate murder this season!

On top of our Two webcomics don’t forget we have Prints for sale! Oh…….and we may or may not be nearing the completion of the script for a new project……just saying….


In Case You Missed It:

The Sovereigncy vol 2 scene 31 Jake and Kassie made it safe and mostly sound to the safehaven of one of the Churches Islands.

The C-Files Season 2 Ep 2  Bulder and Sully made their way to the crime scene though Sully is still simmering over their office situation.