The Summer of Contest continues! Our second contest started this past Friday in case you didn’t know. Here’s how this one works:

If you’re a photographer, or just anyone with a camera (which who isnt these days) Bulder and Sully need your help in finding a new place to investigate. So look around and take a pic or pics of a location for them. It can be creepy, it can be innocent, it can be a close-up of something in your backyard or under your couch. It doesn’t matter! Then post the pic in the comments section HERE to enter. When the contest ends the C-Files creative team will pick a winner and then DRAW Bulder and Sully into your background for a pic for you to keep! How awesome is that?

This contest runs for two weeks people! But what happens when it ends on Aug 18th? Wellllllll………Season TWO of The C-Files begins!!

Oh yes, that’s right. IT IS UPON US!!

So enter the contest, be a part of the launch of the Second Season of The C-Files. And just have some fun!


In Case You Missed It:

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