So bit of a news, potentially inspirational post this week, because that’s just what we’re in the mood for.

From Cross:

Ya know a lot of the time we convince ourselves of what all we can’t do. Either failing at something in the past, being too impressed with how someone else did something, or even listening to the words of others about our limitations. Dwelling on the idea just for a minute can begin to cement it into our our belief system. And thus begins our limitations.  Years ago, I firmly believed that I could do anything artistically. That nothing was out of my grasp. If it was out there I could learn it, do it, and eventually master it. But then….life, and outside voices. People in positions I respected cast doubt on my ability, expected more of me (which is great) but terms like ‘you’re not ready for’ ‘should be farther along’ ‘stop doing this’ ‘you’re not capable of that level’ ‘this is too complicated for you’ started filtering in. ‘she can’t do that’ ‘that’s beyond her skill’ were overheard. And it set in. Limits set up around me and I began to believe them. ‘Possible’ started to fade from my internal dictionary and impossible set up camp, and took siege.  Art became restricted. Passion began to fade, and depression set in. What if I wasn’t capable? If attaining my dream was impossible?

That is when art started to suffer. Progress stalled and in some cases reverted. Which just reinforced and generated new comments for me to listen to, to dwell on, to absorb. It is most certainly a destructive cycle. It wasn’t until I left the environment, the influence and decided that none of that was for me, it wasn’t healthy and I am more. It’s been a couple years since and as we here at the Mill grow and develop new properties that I began to return realize something. All things are TRULY possible. Limitations have no bearing, and I am capable of whatever I need to be. If anything starting this company has taught me is that I am capable of more than I ever imagined. Art styles, are not a limitation, they are a challenge. Something to study, something to try. Something to see simply how I will interpret. That it’ll be fun in seeing how it evolves, rather than fearing it never could.

I know a lot of artists out there deal with these thoughts, the self imposed limitations. The depression. Outside voices making their mark. And I’m here to say, stop. Draw a line and give those voices their limit. Open your mind to possibilities, see the world larger than you ever have dared to before. And go out and explore it. Because as Walt Disney once said “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”


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