But you know what’s cool?

Reading comics!!!

ok you knew that one was coming. But it’s still true.

Alright so news this week? Just a little catch up on what’s going on around here. The Sovereigncy is in it’s second Volume, and after a horrid couple of days Kassie finally found the help she needed this past Saturday. So things may be starting to look up for her and Jake. Our other comic The C-Files is currently in production for its second Season. In fact we’re in the home stretch and it will premiere this summer!

Speaking of summer, The Mill is currently plotting some activities for you all to enjoy, and may well net you some original art, full strips, and who knows what all else!

Also don’t forget, we’ve got Prints for sale!

In Case You Missed It:
The Sovereigncy Vol 2 scene 22 After being chained up, beaten, and the whole host of Fen’ra escaping, help finally arrived for Kassie