It is upon us! School’s out for almost everyone, the weather’s heated up, and people are planning vacations. Ah summer.

We are no different!  Ok granted we’re not taking a vacation, quite the opposite. We are plotting out our summer domination though! So what are we planning for summer you may ask?

Well I’m glad you did.

The C-Files is returning for summer! (and beyond) We’re closing in on finishing the second season and happy to say that it will premiere this summer. (at a date to be announced) Bulder and Sully are facing a season long threat this time and Stephanie Marie and Cross are excited about what’s coming (yes there may even been merchandise coming with it)

Also this summer The Mill will be hosting at least one if not more contests! Yes with prizes consisting of sketches, original art (even full Sovereigncy scenes!)

So get ready! Because this summer is going to be awesome!

In Case You Missed It:

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