Just a quick post this week. Reminding you of everything we got going on around The Mill.

The Sovereigncy Vol 2 is steaming right along some 20 strips in. Kassie and Jake have found an imprisoned Arx, and in the process Jake became imprisoned himself. While Kassie was tasked with finding a way through an invisible barrier, the Fen’ra Arx’s patience just ran out this past week.

Our second webcomic, The C-Files is steep in production of Season 2. With over half the strips done, we’ll be showing behind the scene pics and what not at our Facebook page.

We’ve also got our first set of Prints up and ready to be purchased!


In Case You Missed It:
The Sovereigncy 2 scene 20  The Fen’Ra Arx had enough and let out some rage on Kassie.