Heya folks! This week’s just a little reminder of what’s going on around here lately. In case any of you missed it we launched our first series of Art Prints for purchase! If you look up at our Menu bar right here on the site you’ll see Prints just clicky right there and they’re right at your finger prints….get it? finger PRINTS…. hehe. The great thing about these prints is that they are available in a variety of sizes all at a good price. So browse, click and buy! Easy peasy.

Also relatively new, in case you haven’t noticed we did a bit of site maintenance. Our home page now will/does feature the newest strip prominently for your convenience. Whether it’s The Sovereigncy or The C-Files, whichever strip is newest will be front and center for you.

Speaking of The C-Files. Season 2 is plugging away in production. We’re over halfway through and steaming ahead. We’ll also begin to give you sneak peeks and behind the scenes starting this very  Friday!


In Case You Missed It:

The Sovereigncy Vol 2 scene 19  Kassie dealt with being chained to the ground overnight