We’re feeling that growing itch.

Friends, family, fans, help us out! It’s hard for any small business to make their mark and reach new people in order to grow. But that’s exactly what we want to do!

Now we have a few things we’re hammering out, plans for the summer to help with just this. However why wait? So we’re asking, do you have any ideas on how we can reach more people? Suggestions you’d like to see from us? Now’s the time to chat! Hit us up on Facebook and let’s get talkin’!

Also, share us around! Link the site, link The Sov, link The C-Files and spread the word about Near Mint Mill! We’re free, there’s tons of back comics for your friends to enjoy. There’s Prints for purchase the whole shebang. All of you are a part of us in one way or another.  Your support and encouragement have meant the world, do mean the world. So keep working with us, let’s grow this thing!


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