First off, we hope all you mom’s out there had a spectacular Mothers Day yesterday! You are all truly precious and fulfill a very singular and pivotal role in our lives. The support and love of a mother can power people to great things. So thank you all for being who you are and loving every single child out there.

Second, just a friendly reminder of what all’s going on around here.  We’ve got our first ever merchandise up for sale, with a release of 21 Prints . Which we are highlighting a print a day over at our Facebook page . Within the Mill we’re also steaming right along with the production of Season 2 of The C-Files! A little over half-way through and we will hopefully have a release date for you all soon. The Sovereigncy Vol 2 is plugging right along, 16 scenes in and things are truly about to heat up. (we know because we’re making it) We’ve also got a couple other projects in the works, some Merch some possibly a bit of fun for you all. So keep an eye out!


In Case You Missed It:

The Sovereigncy Vol 2 scene 16  Kassie’s only line of communication was destroyed so….puppies!