Hard to believe but it’s already that time of year. And while we don’t have any appearances or signings scheduled for this years FCBD what we DO have is much more lasting! On Free Comic Book Day (i.e. May 6) we’re launching our first wave of Art Prints!

They’ll be available in a variety of sizes from mini to extra large so small wall space or large we’ve got you covered! With over 20 (yeah thats right) different Sovereigncy prints to choose from. We’ve been working hard here to provide you all with something we think you’ll really like.

Also because it is FREE comic book day you’ll be getting an all NEW Sovereigncy strip free as always. So as you wait in line at your favorite comic book store to get a sketch, a sig or just a free book, remember we can keep you entertained! Just pull up The Mill on your mobile device and read! Also be sure to share us with whoever is in line with you!

In Case You Missed It:

The Sovereigncy Vol 2 scene 14 With Jake now stuck in the machine that held the Fen’ra Arx, he and kassie quickly figure out what to do and what plan of action to take