Well that’s it! The C-Files Easter Egg hunt has come to an end. We hope you all enjoyed it, and if you’re missing it never fear, we didn’t reveal everything! You can go through the strip and do a search for Eggs we didn’t reveal. Feel free to shout out what you find too!

We also hope you all had a wonderful Easter this past weekend. We sure did. But now that it’s over what next? Well work! The Sovereigncy is back in swing this Saturday after taking this past week off for our Annual Spring Pic, and we’re also full steam ahead on the production of Season TWO of The C-Files. Actually almost halfway through it.

On the back end of things here at The Mill we’re hard at work at a few surprises, one of which will be announced NEXT week! We’re excited, a little nervous but mostly excited!

In Case You Missed It:

Our Spring Pin-up went up Saturday!