We don’t know about you but this week is packed for at least one of us here at The Mill. And at least the end of the week and weekend will prove busy for a lot of you. Family, Holiday all that good stuff. Hopefully you all enjoy it and there’s no drama or anything of the sort, just a good quality Easter.

But if you end up needing a retreat, head on over here, read a comic or two or more. Take a breather, and get back to enjoying what this weekend is.

As is tradition around here there won’t be a new Sovereigncy strip this Saturday. HOWEVER we do have a very special pin-up ready and waiting to share for your enjoyment! (We never leave you hanging) So come ready!

Also! This is the last week for our C-Files Easter Egg hunt! Savor it!

In Case You Missed It:

The Sovereigncy 2 scene 12 Jake and Kassie started to get some answers this week