Well, Valentine’s day is over, and either you had plans to celebrate or avoid. Either way it can be a day to survive. Crowds, dates, last minute gifts you forgot to get and had to fight a mob to just get one dinky box of chocolate. In most cases you lived!

So now what?

Comics that’s what!

Yeah you knew we were going there. There’s nothing like a little sit down, and decompress with some good fiction after a day or week like V-day. Need comedy to cope with the singleness depression? Read the C-Files. Need some action to spend some pent up energy after battling crowds? The Sovereigncy is for you!

Go on, read some. You got today off anyways.

In Case You Missed It:

The Sovereigncy Vol 2 scene 5 We found out some more specifics about just what Jake and Kassie’s mission is.