Well it’s that time of year again. Where almost everyone is skipping around throwing rose petals with little hearts beaming over their heads. While others scowl and hunker down till it blows over.

Yeah that’s right. Valentines Day.

Well whether you’re one of the skippy or the hunkers, we have something you can love. Comics! Oh yeah, what else did you think we’d say? Be it waiting in line for flowers, waiting for your date to get back from the restroom, or just needing a distraction to get through the day, or help to ignore it completely. We got ya covered. Just pull up The Mill on your mobile device or at home and read some Sov or C-Files, or heck ALL of it! It’s a great diversion or quiet time killer. Works great for both.

And just remember, we provide this service because we love you.

In Case You Missed It:

The Sovereigncy 2 scene 4 went up Saturday. And we met Maddie and Jake’s little girl for the first time.