A lot of the time we only think of the visual spectrum when we say ‘art.’ Comics, painting, etc etc. However, we here at The Mill believe everyone has an art, and that extends well beyond the visual. There is an art to pretty much everything, if you apply yourself and have a passion for it. There’s an art to marketing, and art to lab work, to building computer, to programming, to pretty much everything.

The key is passion for what you do. Passion drives innovation, it drives creativity, it fuels artistry.

So our question to you this week, what is your art?

Is it comics? Drawing? Painting? Is it counseling? Computers? What do you do? What are you passionate about? What are you an artist of? Let us know! Share your passion!

In Case You Missed It (our passion):

The Sovereigncy Vol 2 week 3 went up Saturday and we learned a bit about what kind of training Jake went through as he was more or less groomed to be the Draconis.