It’s been a busy first month of the year already. Volume 2 of The Sovereigncy is up and running, for its second week, we snuck you in another special C-Files Tweener, and behind the scenes. Well that’s where we’re really excited.

We can’t say just yet but in this month alone we’ve been working on a couple of big projects, one will be unveiled in a few months, the other is a massive piece of work that we’re making good headway in. It’s time consuming and we’re trying things we’ve never done before but that’s the beauty of it isn’t it? Try new things and grow.

So while we’re stretching our muscles and brain and learning new skills, we encourage you to do the same! If you’re an artist, try your hand at a piece that makes you anxious, if you’re a writer stretch that muscle and write something that puts your emotions out on a limb. And let us see it!

Let’s make February a month of growth! Post up your art and your pieces of writing on our Facebook page. Share! Even if you don’t like how something came out, or it makes you a little uneasy, that’s OK! Part of growth is stepping out on a thin limb and learning to fly awkward. We’re doing it, so can you!

In Case You Missed It:

The Sovereigncy Vol 2 Scene 2 In the middle of essentially expanse of nothing, trekking towards their goal, Kassie harasses Jake for some training, but gets something she wasn’t expecting

The C-Files Tweener 2 We gave you another little surprise! A second Tweener while we work on Season Two. (which is coming along nicely btw) What goes on behind closed meeting doors.