Oh yeah that’s right. We wrapped up The Sovereigncy 1.01 and Volume Two is just around the corner. This week we’ll give you a little teaser and then next week we go right on in to Volume 2!

But before that we thought it might be a good idea to give you all a quick summary of things that happened in Volume 1. Because let’s face it a lot happened. We introduced you to an entirely new world, new races, new people and concepts and it was a learning curve. Soooo….


Glossary of terms

Of the four Royalty that rule a hidden race of people called the Sa’rinians, only three were known. Both the Sa’rinians and their enemies (The Federation) raced to locate the Corora the final Royal. The Federation hoped to control or kill her and destabilize the Royalty. Though within The Federation, a race called Devarians had a plot all their own. To kidnap as many Arx’s as possible, kill them in one fell swoop, steal and funnel their powers into their own chosen one. Who could then rival and destroy all four Royals.

It was discovered that The Federations Presidents own daughter, Kassie, was the new Corora. A revelation that sped up the timeline of the Devarians plans. They raided Nova and kidnapped a host of Arx’s, strung them up and readied their spacial bomb. Though the Sa’rinian Royalty showed up and Nate usurped the bomb for his own purposes. Hoping to use the weapon as a means to hide his race from the collective memory of the planet, Nate set it off but to only a fizzle.

Now with the Devarians plot and betrayal exposed their leadership is imprisoned. Kassie has taken to studying and developing her powers with Jake. The Federation has sought the help of the Church of the Alignment in tracking down and ferreting out the depths of all the Devarians had been working on.

It was a busy Volume. And as always we encourage you all to read it through, if you haven’t read The Sovereigncy yet, now is the perfect time to start. If you have, now is the perfect time to refresh your memory. Because Volume Two is coming…..

In Case You Missed It:

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