Well that went fast.

We got a lot done in 2016. Wrapped up Volume One of The Sovereigncy, introduced and completed Season One of The C-Files. Updated the website. Got our paperwork filed for business….and guess what we even planned out 2017 like semi-responsible business people!


We planned 2017?

Oh heck yeah.

And we got some big goals, and some exciting dates coming this year. The Mill will most definitely be busy. For the moment though we’ll just take it one announcement at a time. Mainly being, The Sovereigncy Volume Two is so eerily close. Namely January 21st! Yup that’s right just a couple short weeks away from the launch of an epic Volume. We’ve started production of it this past week and both Kris and Cross are super excited to sink their teeth into it. New characters, new locations, new enemies. Everything is churning and something great is in the making.

Which speaking of The Sovereigncy. Our short sweet story with Sebastian and Bella, (Sov 1.01) wraps itself up THIS Saturday! We had fun doing it and it was a nice bit of fresh air. But it all must come to an end sometime.

OH before we forget, Cross made another production video! Which you can find right here

In Case You Missed It:

The Sovereigncy 1.01.15 : Family dinner night went on with some prodding of the new boyfriend, Ryan. Just to see what he does. And Sarah turned down a job from a King.

The C-Files : What? Yeah that’s right, we surprised you all with a special ‘Tweener. A strip for fun and to help pass the time between Seasons. (Which there are more…just saying)