Well that happened fast.


One weekend it’s Thanksgiving the next it’s Christmas. So not ready! Well on a personal level anyway. The Mill is all set and ready to give you guys some annual Christmas goodness! We’ve wrapped up our Christmas pin-up and nice and shiny and even had time to make a little something special for the day after too.

So what’s the drill?  This Saturday in lieu of our regular strip you’ll get a special Christmas pin-up to enjoy with your egg nog and Christmas eve festivities, shoot you’ll be able to enjoy it even if you don’t have any plans whatsoever. Then enjoy Christmas and come monday we’ll have another special surprise for you! After that The Sovereigncy 1.01 will resume the following Saturday, AND we’re getting stupid close to wrapping that story up and the coming of Volume 2!


In case you missed it:

The Sovereigncy 1.01.14  was new Saturday and we had some fun at Max’s expense