It’s getting close to Christmas, just two weeks away. So the mad rush begins. Yup, even though this is truly an amazing season, there is invariably a panic mode that sets in usually about now. Not all the gifts are gotten, cards haven’t been sent out, the mall’s are a mess, parking, the post office has lines out the wazoo. And you begin to panic about getting things done in time.

Well calm down.

One service we offer is a breathing space. A perk of webcomics is that where ever there is internet, you have comics. We’re readable on tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktops. You name it.

So while you’re in that stupidly long line at the mall or the post office, and there’s that one insufferable kid getting on your last nerve. Pull us up. Read some Sovereigncy, and if you really need a pick me up, head over to The C-Files. Escape the madness! And if someone peeks over your shoulder, let them, you could make a new friend, share a little Christmas cheer, and help someone else’s sanity along the way.

If after your sanity is saved and you feel extra generous, feel free to donate. Actually donate anyway, while to The Mill would be nice, this time of year just donate somewhere. Donate a toy for Toys for Tots, throw a little money at that Santa outside the mall, give a blanket to the homeless guy you pass on the street.

Read a comic, share a comic. Be in the moment, share a moment.



In case you missed it:

The Sovereigncy 1.01.13 was new Saturday and Seb had a heart to heart with Sam.