It’s that time of year again, you’ve eaten your fill, survived Black Friday, supported Small Business Saturday, and made it back to work for Cyber Monday. Congratulations! Now there is a trick though, you can over shop over click and just get tired and bogged down. You have to pace yourself.

How do you do that you may wonder?

EASY! It’s just one more service we provide here at The Mill. Free Webcomics.

When you start to feel that worn out ‘I’m tired of looking at sales and trying to decide what Aunt Buella wants’ feeling, just head on over here and read a comic for a while. For a shorter break look over the freshly completed first season of The C-Files. If you need a longer break from Cyber shopping, there’s Volume One of The Sovereigncy, all ready and waiting to provide you with that much needed escape from reality.

So use us….it’s ok, we like it.


In case you missed it:
The Sovereigncy 1.01.11    A little sisterly love

The C-Files 22   Season one’s season finale!