For those of you in the U.S. we hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving this week! And for everyone else we’re thankful you stick around with us and are grateful to have you.

Now, while you all are filling your stomachs and hopefully enjoying time with family on Thursday, Friday tends to be a mess for a lot of people. That’s right, Black Friday. When hordes of people swamp malls and battle over sales. Well this Friday is also The C-Files Season 1 Finale! I know, it’s hard to believe we’re already there., but here we are. So what does this mean for The C-Files? It means that……Season one is over.

And that there’ll be a break before Season Two starts. Which we are currently working on. And don’t worry we have some things in plan along the way to feed your C-Files fix. They’re taking a break they arent gone for good.


In case you missed it:
The Sovereigncy 1.01.10  Sarah arrived for the family dinner

The C-Files 21  Bulder and Sully finally got answers to the case of the mysterious merged objects and rescued poor Dr. R.O.Land


OH and btw, the C-Files finale friday, big reveal.