Well hello November! This year has gone by quick. Last week we celebrated one whole year with having our very own website. Which is awesome! And in case you missed it we made several updates to the site, updated letters in The Sovereigncy, a whole new About page with more info, new images and descriptions on our Comics page. So take the time to look around, see everything new.

We’re also working on several new things that we hope to unveil throughout this next year.

Also this week is Veterans day and we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to say thanks and how much we appreciate our military and all those who served. Thank you, so much for your sacrifice, your dedication and your love.



In case you missed it:

– The Sovereigncy 1.01.8  Parents having to deal with kids. No matter how old they are it’s always…interesting

– The C-Files 19   Bulder and Sully followed the trail of embedded objects to a deli and got perhaps the biggest clue possible.