Hey folks! It’s the start of yet another week, and as always we aim to be productive and entertaining for you. How so? Well glad you asked. Season 1 of The C-Files is all done and production wrapped, so you get a continuous flow of strips every week until the end. The Sovereigncy 1.01 is at least a week ahead of schedule and as always you’ll have a strip every Saturday.

Also we’re currently working on a special C-Files Pin-up for Halloween! Merging two fandoms into one!

In case you missed it:

The Sovereigncy 1.01: Bella and Seb head off to the Estate (her family home) for a dinner with the parents
The Sov 1.01.2

The C-Files: With lab equipment stuck in a bouncy elephant, Bulder and Sully take to the lab for an elephantopsy. (how awesome is that sentence?)
The C-Files 13