Alright folks, fairly simple this week. Just giving you a heads up on our comics this time round.

Last week on The C-Files:
Agents Bulder and Sully came across a new case in a park playground. Lab tools and tools in general seem to have been merged with a bouncy elephant. And can’t be removed my normal means, so Sully decides the whole thing needs to go back to the lab.
WHICH is where we’re heading this Friday in The C-Files.

And with The Sovereigncy:
With Volume One all wrapped up we launched 1.01 a story inbetween Volumes where we get to focus on characters we normally don’t have the time or opportunity to within the regular strip. This time around it’s Sebastian and Bella. Finally starting an actual relationship Bella got Seb to agree to come to her family home for a dinner. AND we got to meet Nephtali, so much to say about her never enough time.
This Saturday Sebastian is slightly disgruntled, Bella amused and they head off for the dinner