This week we begin our short story revolving around Sebastian and Isabelle! It’ll serve as a space in between The Sovereigncy Vol 1 and Vol 2 and just really give you a peek inside a couple characters we were unable to really focus on in the first volume. Which we’re excited about and are sure you’ll all enjoy.

Also, last week:

The Sovereigncy: we posted up our pin-up featuring Seb and Bella, Right here as well throughout the week we posted WIP videos of the pin-up which are now all up on our Videos Page INCLUDING the last one that Cross forgot to post on Friday sooo….YAY new content!

The C-Files: started a new case! Still curious and yes of course suspicious Bulder tries to convince Sully that the weird gum chewing dude in Thinner’s office needs to be investigated, fairly unsuccessfully. And the pair come across a playground with lab equipment stuck into bouncy animals. Newest C-Files right here