Welcome to a new week everyone!

Just a bit of a reminder of everything that’s going on around the Mill lately. Last week we jumpstarted a campaign to get our Facebook page to 100 likes, and not bad we’re now just a smidge over 20 likes to go. So still need some help to achieve the goal in two weeks. If you’ve already liked us, thank you! If you haven’t just hop on over to our Facebook page and give it a like. After be sure to share the page and tell your friends to join in too!

On the comic side of things:

The Sovereigncy is well on it’s way to the conclusion of Volume One which is also coincidentally its 100th strip. If you’ve missed out now is a great time to read up. This past Saturday in the new strip Kassie sought out some help from Jake to learn how to control the Corora. Strip 98 right here

The C-Files was brand new on Friday. Bulder and Sully chased down some screaming and were confronted by a monster, that with a flick of a light went POOF. C-Files #8